Radiation level went crazy. No clue what happened!

I updated cataclysm dda to the newest experimental version in git yesterday and built a geiger counter and radiation biometer.

The geiger counter tells me I get no radition from item. Although I had a radtion of 5 when I try to check if a crater has radiation (it does).

Today, I suddenly get like 115 radiation. I immediately took 10 prussian tablet.
Geiger counter still says I get no radiation from item. Scanning myself just says “you are current irradiated”

I don’t have any artifacts

What is going on???
I only use the default mods.

Took 25 prussion tablet and radiation level went down. Didn’t dare to far from my mobile base. Scan every corner of the car with Geiger counter.
I tried to wash in a river/stand in rain to get rid of any possible fall out.
If the counter can scan an item, I would check any new items I get.

I can’t find the source of the radiation. Andy my radiation level drops to 100.

I also try to drink as much water as possible.

Really don’t know what is going on. I don’t want to get mutation!!!

The radiation badge never does anything. Is that just a boy scout badge??

Its funny how people take for granted every item in a game should work as it was meant too. I’m not trying to be sarcastic. I just find it interesting. Look at the heaps of crap irl we have that do nothing as advertised.

Red Bull DOESN’T give you wings!
Nike can’t make you less lazy lol
Make up won’t make you beautiful if you are ugly already!

The list goes on…ignoring how not everything is factual either.

i has no clue, but if i were you i’d just stay away as far as possible(maybe 1 house tile length) from the crater or whats causing the radiation.

I believe consuming spawned food is irradiated because of the cataclysmic disaster, so if you eat a lot of food you find in cities without cooking it or something, it’ll irradiate you.

Not 100% sure if that’s PK Rebalance or vanilla though.

That is pk and ascension only.

I will say that in my primary vanilla save I’ve recently had trouble with my PC and two NPC companions all constantly getting low levels of Irradiated since updating the game. An IRL month or two back they were all fine, now they’re always in the Irradiated 6-12 range. I checked, my deathmobile’s reactor is off and undamaged, so I don’t know what’s up.