[0.5] Scores depletion bug detected

I’m running a common 0.5 installer version for Windows and it worked just fine until now, without taking small glitches into count; but this is a large concern for me.

At first, I detected that my item stacks have changed their behavior - I have a very large amount of batteries that I can’t use due to weight and volume too, due to game’s handling of wielded items. The next thing that was brought to my attention was that my SMG is larger (30) than it should be, and it’s just an Uzi 9mm. But now my ability scores have been lowered. I pulled my shovel out of the box and started digging some rubble (never tried it before) to see if the game puts just rock there. There is no indication of how this’ve happened.
I took radiation into case (checked some days ago via a counter I found) but there is no information, was no information, and I paid attention to the messages. I’m certain I should notice some changes before the rads kick in badly.
Anyone, please?

You are being affected by radiation poisoning. Also note that when you scan the ground for radiation you are checking that exact tile that you are standing on. It is fully possible for a single tile to have no radiation, the tiles next to it have a small amount, and the tiles next to those have a large amount. Also radiation decreases very slowly and increases fairly rapidly, so if you spend even a short amount of time in a high radiation area (or a medium-long amount of time in a low one) you can stack up quite a bit of radiation.

And the rads kicking in badly is what you are noticing. The first sign of radiation is that your stats start to drop alarmingly fast.

Thank you catperson. I mean i2amroy. :slight_smile:
I did strive to find a geiger count every now and then, the point being what my game was like - was I exploring a vast space or building a different character.
Never would I have such drastic penalties and no warning nor notice. So if it’s pacing, radiation’s first step is (-3) (-2) (-2) (-2). It’s funny that I didn’t pick up from the experience playing original c4t4cly5m, where the random rubble in the prairie means exactly what you said - massive amount of rads.