"quit without saving" option

It can be a real nuisance sometimes when I start a new character just to bug test some things I think might not be working, then have to close the game and re-open it so I didn’t screw up the map or give an unfair advantage by things I spawned just to test out.
I think an option to quit without saving would be really nice

there is already: Debug menu>Q

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You can always terminate the game process too. It’s what I do in case something happens.

Press the home button on android.

It even works before I watch the last moments of my character’s life.

Edit: But then I’m sure you play on a Laptop or PC.

As people have pointed out, there are ways to do this, but none of them are officially supported and they can break your game.
If you want to do this safely you need to back up your save file before you start.

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ah yes I just found that out a minute ago, that debug has a quit to menu feature. I’ve been avoiding using it like the plague so I so never really took much notice of it.

What kevin said, but also it would just empower save scumming (or appropriatly named save abuse), but what you do with your game is not a problem to everyone else I guess

To add a little on what Kevin said, once when I was really pissed off about losing my character, due to savescumming I somehow managed to CLONE the zombies around me.

It’s not fun when 20 hulks are playing football with you, and it takes a while to die in Heavy Survivor gear.

If you wanna quit, make a copy of your save beforehand. Just so you don’t screw your savefile even further.

I guess that’s karma for you.

However where is the save file? Its hard to differentiate between map files, data files, and actual save data

Each character in a world gets it’s own hash code (example: #VGltb3RoeSBCb3dkZW4). Each character has a memory (.seen) the .0.0 bits correlate with the map data (o.0.0). Each characters inventory and stats are stored in (.sav). The main directory map data is overmap tiles, with the data for each tile stored in the corresponding directory in the map directory.
This is my understanding of the save directory, if I’ve gotten something wrong I hope someone will speak up.

edit: Everything can be opened in any text editor, I suggest notepad++ for good formatting. The characters name should be pretty close to the top of the .sav files.

I’m pretty sure the launcher has an option to backup save files. I’ve never used it myself, so idk.

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