Game Autosaves - No option to turn it off

For, you know, bugtesting or debugging.

But I do appreciate the finally final death mechanic

I run the game on a toaster, MUST this be a thing?

i should clarify.

it autosaves on what appears to be window closing.

Maybe it’s related to this commit?

Did modding just become more tedious? Yay!

If it doesn’t root around on your HD for backup saves or make you give your cloud account info, what’s the point?

Mmm, snarkiness; it doesn’t suit me.

Since I use my own saves when I’m making mods or new tile graphics (or mods for new tile graphics) I may just have to make my saves read only. Or return to backups. At least I finally understand the ‘filthy clothes’ haters (extra steps for same results). :wink:

Yes it will be that commit. I think we should maintain our stance against save scumming (neither supported nor prevented) but this could cause problems when testing do an issue wouldn’t go amiss on github.

Savescumming should be allowed

The long-term policy has always been to ignore it. I don’t want to write code to explicitly support it but I don’t want to deliberately prevent it. Unfortunately that PR changes the status quo.

I use save-scumming all the time when testing game mechanics and bugs. To save time I often use my actual real characters that I’m invested in due to me not having to spend the time to debug everything in, and exitting the game saving it like that is really annoying because it means I’ll have to reset everything back to what it was if I changed a lot in my tests.

Alrighty, here we go.

Pretty sure it’s not intentional savescumming prevention, just a fix for loss of data due to disconnecting SSH.

It does defacto function as one though

This has a nasty side effect outlined in git. If you load a game which doesn’t load due to JSON error on load, it saves an invalid character on exit rendering the save unplayable.

Can this be made into an option? The persons playing over SSH could turn it on manually and the rest of us wouldn’t have to worry.

I’m starting to wonder we should revert this change out - it does make debugging very difficult