Delete World Option

Just a simple one here. Would it be possible to include an in-game option to delete the existing save folder? Perhaps upon completion of a new character’s creation, just prior to entering the world? I always create a new map for every randomly generated character that I play as, and this would be a neat addition for someone like myself.

Of course, I do fully appreciate that the current manual methods aren’t exactly painstaking, and I’d have no issues if this wasn’t added, but I just thought I’d throw this one out there.

I’d say if it belongs in the creation process at all, it would be on the final page where you name your player.
Really though, it belongs on a sub-section of the main menu, if at all.

It looks like all you’d need to do would be to iterate the map directory unlink the data from the menu options, the map would then be regenerated upon starting.

However I’d like to ask why you always reset the map, because there might be a better option we can add that would give you the gameplay you want and still persist history.

I just like the idea of a new world every time I play, rather than being in the same general area. Just a personal preference really. I think I see where you might be coming from though - would it be possible to (optionally) begin a new character much further away from the previous one than occurs now? Preferably in an unexplored region? If so, then that would certainly be an alternative that I’d be happy with.

If someone wants to test this on Windows that’d be great. Seems to work fine on OS X.

I feel you on this point.
I’ve even restarted in the exact same shelter I died outside of.
I’ve often gone for clean worlds after a significant death nowadays.

I also delete the world each character, I like the idea of world history but because you spawn so close to your last attempt there’s just no supplies left.

Spawning you far away in unexplored land would be good, it would make finding your old areas rare but cool and possibly rewarding.

Spawning you in an adjacent overmap should be doable, I’ll put it on the list.

[quote=“zhov, post:5, topic:80”]

If someone wants to test this on Windows that’d be great. Seems to work fine on OS X.[/quote]Doesn’t look to be working in Windows, works fine on Linux though,.

Thank you to everyone that’s taking the time to even look at this. It’s greatly appreciated.

Should be an option to be off/on in settings file.