So Iam at the game over screen

Anyway to get me character back? I can see when I open up the save folder that the character data is still all there. There mist be a way to get back to the last save??

Invested a lot of hours in this character. Please help

Unless you have a backup copy of the .sav file then no, I don’t think theres a way to get him back.
all that other data (AFAIK) is storing what your character has seen already so that piece of the world map is already generated for new chars.

Damn I was so far with him at least a month in if not more. Sucks.

Trick for playing non-Hardcore is to know when to X out of the game before getting killed. Usually any HP in the red is a good cue, as is yellow in a situation where running isn’t an option.

If you’re in a Mine and see a pink wall, leave and don’t come back until/unless you have 19 Intelligence. Safer that way.

Harder to apply that when you die from a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

i just keep the game zipped that way it always asks you if you want to update the save when you end the game.

I guess that’s one way to do it. Nice job.