Formed a question

Sometimes I do not play honestly, namely, I go out without saving in bad situations to boot into safety. I understand that this kills all the interest from the game.
But still. A question:
Does my save threaten that I boot / exit many times without saving? Errors related to something like “save / load cycle” started to appear. Even in the debugging menu, if you go to the main menu, a message is displayed stating that in this case it is possible to split things and other crap. I’m also not exactly sure, but there is a suspicion that the zombies are also split.

Question to you: How often do you use the exit without saving? If used, have you seen similar or other errors? Maybe lags or something else?

I will be glad to any advice and suggestions

Sorry for my bad english!

When I first started playing, i did also “Alt-F4” to stop autosave on my death.

If your character is already dead, which means you can see the tombstone, and you Alt-F4, your own dead body will be where you died when you load the save. This will make a copy of everything you were carrying. This can cause the error messages popping up.

If you ALt-F4 BEFORE you die, this won’t happen, and you get less errors.

However, monsters/NPC’s can be copied as well with either way, which makes more error messages pop up. I have never had an error actually break the game though, just double a monster or 3, and copy my loot. Any vehicles you had will be moved to where they were when you died, which can cause some headaches, but not errors.

If you do want to cheat, I would suggest just going into the SAVE folder inside the “Cataclsmdda” main folder, and copy the world you were in. The world folder will be named after the world you made and are currently playing in. Copy Paste it somewhere else, and then when you die or mess up, simply delete the world folder in Cataclsmdda-Save, and paste the older backup copy. You will lose any progress you had, but there should be no errors.

However, as you explore around the world, your world save file will get larger and larger, and it will take much more time to actually copy-paste it then when you first start playing. As I said above, you could also try to ALT-F4 before you die, you will just have to judge when you are in a really bad spot.

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The worst thing it has happen to me for savescumming, is an error from loading terrain, like i was on the exact spot to load some terrain i savescummed, and when reloaded it wrongly generated, i think it just spawned the floor/road/parkinglot of a store

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