Quickly harvest farm?

I have a scythe but it is only good for cutting up items and writing on things so its useless… is there a way to harvest a large farm without having to say yes every time?
I also need to cut down 2 map tiles worth of farm so I don’t feel like doing that ordeal for EVERY thing
I also don’t have that vehicle thing that collects the harvest

The vehicle thing that harvest. Otherwise the “yes/no” prompts.

There’s a vehicle part called a reaper. Obviously it needs to be attached to a vehicle. On older experimentals, I recall that it damaged the crop, not sure if that’s a bug.

Anyway, there’s also another vehicle part that scoops up items, and you can use that to drive over the crops and nab the crops in one easy swoop. There’s also vehicle parts that plant seeds for you, and plows soil.

Well, if I recall correctly, you will receive fewer products by using reapers.
Also if you run over already harvested crops you just destroy them, so watch out.

Personally I don’t use reapers because I never run overly big farms. So hot keys are fast enough for me.

On tip you might already know about, is the option “Force Y/N” in prompts. If you set it to false, you can just hit (y) and (n) without needing to hit (shift) first.

What I do when I harvest dandelions in the wild, is after I hit (e)xamine and the direction of the bush/plant, I hit the direction again, which changes the prompt from (y) to (n), and then enter on my numpad. So it’s a real quick sequence of buttons that you get the hang of by just double clicking the direction of the plant with your movement key, instead of the single click you would normally do, before getting to the Y/N prompt.

I have every item you can find in the wild, just about, on my auto pickup list, but if I don’t I just hit (0) on my numberpad, which is the same as (,) I just added a 2nd key bind so I don’t have to really lift my hand off the number pad or move my left hand from (e) to (,). If it’s just one item, hitting (,) or (0) will pick it up, if it’s more than one type of item you just double tap (,) or (0) then enter, to grab it all.

Example; If a row of plants is east of me I do, (e)+(6)+(6)+(Enter)+6, then your standing in front of the next one, and repeat.

You can hit any button to get it to change form Y to N, not just the directional buttons, but you will need to still hit enter after, unlike when using (Y) or (N).