Harvesting Crops

Is there an easy/automated way to harvest crops other than using the ‘e’ key on every crop?

Yes there are vehichle mounted tools that when turned on allow you to drive over the crops with them to harvest automatically. I don’t remember the name of the part though.

Reaper and advanced reaper.

Robik7 was working on zones for agriculture activities but I don’t know the current status of that effort.

Nice! Thanks! My massive farm is a bit tedious atm lol

Find or build the following vehicle parts: a plough, seed drill, and a reaper. Two of each if you can. Then put them on a vehicle shaped something like this:

 o o
 o o

that’s four wheels, each pair offset to the side, with two reapers up front, followed be engines and seating, and then plows and drills (in that order) in the back. You’ll be able to drive down a row of crops ready to harvest, reap them, collect the seeds and produce, plow fresh ground, and plant new seeds in a single pass.


Oooohhhhh :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:very nice! Looks like I still have quite a bit of mechanics to explore! Thx for the​:bulb:!

Why did you offset the wheels to the side?

Because otherwise you would run over your crops and/or crash into the dirt mounds you just plowed.

Alas unfortunately we cannot turn wheat into flour by running it over.

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Thank you for this layout. I modified it a bit to have my work area be three wide, but this is what I got planted in the span of an in-game hour.

Probably less; I wasn’t paying much attention to the time. Next problem to solve is getting all the components for the turrets to deal with the inevitable swarm of locusts. Avalanche rifles sound adequate, I think.

Very nice. That motivates me to actually build a tractor in game now.