Quicklime & Cement

I think that should be doable. If i remember correctly i seen this effect on wooden walls. So that should be reproducable.

Yup, it’s pretty easy actually. Look at wooden_wall in terrain.json to see how it’s done.

Nice job on getting that jsoned out so quick. You should submit it to github and get it merged!

Thanks! About the json, there’s a problem. That’d mean decreasing “str_min” needed to break down the concrete wall. I could try to make a 10-stage break of the wall, but I think that a local hp, like that of vehicle parts, would be better.

Terrain/furniture hp would be better in the long run but will be a bit of extra work, since saving would have to be updated to save the state each time. Best way might be to only save hp values for damaged terrain and assume the terrain is at full hp if there is no hp value stored for it.