Where can you find ample supplies of rebar?

I know you can get rebar from blowing up the road tiles, but I’ve got 2 mininukes, less than a dozen grenades, and a few sticks of dynamite. I’m not using the mininukes and I would rather save my grenades, but I would be willing to part with my dynamite. I want to build up a stockpile to make rebar grates, and since I finally settled down in my new outpost (great addition btw, I love having new uses for NPCs) I can start hoarding heavier stuff.

Jackhammers can be used to tear up roads.

Well since you’re building a base anyways knocking trees down into roads smashes the road underneath it too. I use this early game to help me build a kiln and forge as well. Then later on I can use the rebars to make a spear and then as ammo for the rail rifle.

The last time I needed to get rebar, which was a long time ago so I don’t know if it changed between then and now, I just burned down a few houses, waited for the fire to burn itself out, and dig through the remains.

Thanks for the replies. Jackhammer worked best, I’m sitting on enough rock and rebar to last a very long time.