Construct Reinforced Windows

I’ve been wandering around the map in a fortified truck, and found an excellent place to settle down. Started building, and want to make windows I can see out of, but are fortified so Zoms can’t creep in while I’m napping. However, all the construction options I can find are about boarding up windows and THEN fortifying them with metal.

Is it possible to construct windows outlined above (such as gun store windows), or are they not in the game yet?


Last I saw, you need to make reinforced glass panes first. Then you get the option to make "reinforced glass* windows. But that may have been from a mod, I’m not sure.

Assuming you have vehicles in your world that spawn with reinforced windshields, you could take them apart and use the reinforced panes in a wall-like vehicle construct out of reinforced glass instead of actual walls. Otherwise make the panes yourself for this.

This is better in my opinion because you’re able to maintain and repair any damage that befalls the construct easily, unlike actual reinforced glass walls that require them to be completely broken before any repairs can be done as far as I’m aware. You’re also able to move it around freely during a redesign, assuming you are strong enough or attach engines and wheels in such a way that your glass walls can mechanically move around.

You might run into a slight problem building the roof without the actual walls there to support it, but it can be worked around with a little bit of effort.

Reinforced glass is vanilla. You can make it with sheets of glass and wires, but it’s an arduous process. Taking it from armored vehicles is way faster.

Thanks for the help, everyone. I’ll try what has been suggested.

I’m still perplexed by seeing guns able to penetrate standing walls with as little as 9mm bullets. I guess nobody found that odd when I made a stink about it half a year ago. (also was able to use 00 shotgun shells)

Just tested a latest version and found a gas station with the secret mini lab in the rear shed. Wandering down into the gun turret lobby and got shot full of holes by the turrets behind the metal door and glass walls. Surprised the heck out of me.

Anyone else care to take a looksy? I’m not certain if this was intentional due to a mechanic based upon distance over penetration strength or the same awful bug.