Concrete Walls Addon

I found out about quicklime, cement, and their lack of use. So, I quickly made up 2 types of walls using cement: a simple one, and a strong one, which needs rebar.
Tell me about your thoughts on this thing, and if I should add or change stuff!

Woah. I am not going to try it because i’d never get the materials, but i think you should do a PR in github. they are called that no?

Thanks! I’ll try to make a branch and do a PR tomorrow; I’ll add some more stuff here.

In case you’re not aware: You can do the small stuff all online.

  1. Fork the CleverRaven Repository of cataclysm dda
  2. in that fork, create a new branch called “cement walls” (e.g.)
  3. add the code in the corresponding files
  4. go to the cleverraven repository, there should be a green button to create a pull request, press it

I hope this helps.

I guess this is the V1.1 release!

V1.1 of the Concrete Mod (Experimental, kind of.)


+2 smoothers, and smoothing quality!
+Concrete bag!
+Concrete mixer, and crafting recipes!
#Changed the construction processes!
#Now, normal building walls drop rebar aswell!

Can you tell me how to work on the spawn rates and item groups? I could make some stuff spawn at Public Works, and here nothing spawns at all. Don’t expect to try this right now.


OK, so you’re not working with a local cloned repo. That explains editing from your master, though I’m still not thrilled about it.

Spawning is a two-step process. First, it needs to be in an item_group (item_groups.json may be of interest here) and that item_group needs to get called in mapgen. So you could add it to existing item groups (hardware groups that contain rebar would be a good fit) and/or make a new one.

However, making new item_groups requires a bit more work, so I’d rather you not mess with that without proper branching and a local compiler.

Thanks! I guess I’ll just add items to an existing item_group; it won’t make sense to make a new one just for concrete and rebar, when I can make them spawn in PW’s.
About the repo, should I delete everything it has and place only the modified files, or should I highlight the modifies?


I’ll push a branch of all I done with this “mod”. If it gets merged, I’ll discontinue this, and try to make another one. Give me ideas of what should I do!


+New construction stages!
+Spawns in hardware stores!
//Reinforced wall costs more because it’s supposed to be a wall you’d find at a bunker. I think I’ll make roofs, and thin reinforced walls.