Questions about farming

  1. Do crops persist to the next season? I have this Harvest-Moon like fear of crops not growing into the next season, so they’ll be wasted.

  2. When is the best season to plant crops?

  3. Do you need to water them?

No water needed for any crop types :wink:

I don’t have much experience, but I’ll make an attempt to answer anyways…

  1. No, but once you have the (cooking?) skill, you should be able to get seeds from the plants you harvest. If you still have another food source, and turn all your plants into seeds, it should be a lot more that what you got.
  2. Usually you can’t plant out of season, summer time is usually the time that you can plant most anyways (don’t know if they have winter growing seasons for some plants).
  3. I would heavily guess that you shouldn’t have too, you just have to keep them in you reality bubble so they get the time to grow.

My question is if you can use reapers to harvest tho…

I too have this fear, but its born of (oddly enough) Stardew Valley.

Yes, except for winter. Any unharvested crop still left at the advent of winter becomes a withered plant.

They aren’t dependent on season. The earliest you can plant is usually sometime around mid-spring, although you can sneak in some noon planting about a week prior if the temperature is high enough.

No. You can fertilize them, cutting down the growth time but also reducing crop yields. Primarily done to expand a seedstock.

Yes. I built a nifty little rig a few games back to do everything for me. Just a couple reapers, followed by plows, followed by the cab, followed by seed drills, with wheels on the outside so as not to run over tilled fields or crops. Worked like gangbusters.


You should be able to drive over crops without trouble, from a realistic perspective at least, I’m not a dedicated farmer, but I’ve done a fair share of at least helping with planting and harvesting…