Is Farming Broken?

I’ve been trying to farm for the past 3-4 saves that I’ve had, but seeds never seem to progress at all, even after multiple weeks. According to the wiki, they should only take about 2 weeks each, but they never change from being called a tile with seeds. Is fertilizer strictly necessary, or do I need to water them? Is this just a me problem? Or are you required to use a hoe to farm?

Two weeks? That was when the seasons lasted 14 days. Now it’ll take them the whole summer to grow and mature.

Also, last I checked, plants only change visually when you leave the area and then return. This may have changed, but if you really think they should have progressed but haven’t, try traveling a healthy distance and then coming back.

EDIT: Oops, didn’t really answer your questions. Fertilizer is not necessary. A hoe is not necessary, and you really only need a digging tool for when you initially till the soil. As Rose suggested, most likely you just haven’t allowed enough time to pass.

Thanks guys. I guess I’ve never survived long enough for an entire season to pass. The wiki should probably be changed to say something about farming taking about a whole season to yield any food, because right now I thought that everything was broken.

Anyone can edit the wiki, so go make that change.