Farms and Food?

What can and can’t I farm in terms of plant life and is there and renewable fuel source for cooking and fire

a few things, I’ve never planted a farm yet though.

Have you ever chopped down a tree and cut it up? It provides enough 2x4’s to make a ‘lot’ of things, and the world spawns many many tree’s. You don’t need to worry about renewable sources to burn wood or make coal. Fireplaces/cook stoves are easy to make for basic cooking.

There are pinecones, but I don’t know if they can be planted into pine tree’s. If it’s anywhere like reality you’d need a good 20 years to grow one to be useful.

Seeds will probably die if it get’s too cold (like freezing temps). So if you didn’t change the seasons length, I don’t know if you have enough time in spring to plant before it get’s too cold. Spring and fall both have snow, defaullt seasons are 15 days long by default. (I change mine to 60).

Considering the shear amount of food in a city, and houses. I’ve never bothered to sit in 1 place long enough to plant anything.

You will have to ‘sit’ near there too, to keep it in the reality bubble. Since I don’t have hordes on, it sound boring to do. If I tried it and turned them on, they would probably spawn on the crops and squash them anyways.

I love that it’s in, and I think it’s great for people that do the whole wilderness survival thing.

Seeds don’t ever die in their current implementation.
Also, you don’t need reality bubble for planted seeds to grow, but you need to go outside the bubble and then inside again for the fully grown plant to appear when its ready (as the map gets reloaded - or one could just save->reload)

There are many types of seeds (and in the experimentals even more) but one should plant whatever he’s got initially.

All in all, for me, if i got seeds, farming is a nice boost to food supply for the first year or so, until i loot the nearby town dry and go mobile, but then it gets boring as i can just go for a month or two near an anthill and make 1000’s of dehydrated meat.
Still, it all depends on your playstyle.

To my knowledge almost any non-irradiated vegetable in the game can be deseeded so you can grow you own. Electrictiy provided by a solar array is effectively free unlimited energy for all your food cooking, water boiling, and light supplying needs once you set it up properly and have the appliances to make use of it.

Triffid queens provide infinite renewable trees in a very timely fashion. Set up near triffids = infiinite food, infinite drink (fluid sacs), and infinite trees and undergrowth.

It hasn’t worked this way in a long time. Plants know when they were planted and grow according to the amount of time elapsed since then; there’s no need to remain nearby while they do so.

I think fluid sacs in the exp versions can now contain parasites. With no way to cook the sacs yet.

Don’t eat alien life forms…

Plant marrow and fluid sacs are both safe to eat raw; they contain no parasites.

On the other hand, raw wild vegetables can carry parasites.

You can plant wheat, hemp, strawberries, even blueberries, just to name a few. And a dozen other everyday vegetables. Check out gardening supply stores for seeds.
Fruit that grow in trees can’t be grown, AFAIK. Meaning apples, pears, peaches, appricots. The good news is of course that fruit trees in the wild produce fruit every year.
The game won’t let you plant seeds if it’s too cold, so no need to worry about environmental conditions.

Is it possible to de-seed vegetables and fruit? If so, then how? I’m aware that SOME types of seed can be produced by crafting, but that list is short, and seems to relate to plants that grow in the wild. My understanding was that extra seeds are gained only upon harvest, and that the first seeds need to be obtained as loot.

AFAIK, de-seeding recipes scale out of survival skill. The biggest the skill, the more recipes you get. I am pretty sure you can’t get fruit seeds though, only vegetables and berries and some other plants, but no trees.

Straight from my character’s level seventeen survival crafting menu to you.

I can make morel mushroom spores, regular mushroom spores, hallucinogenic mushroom spores, poisonous mushroom spores, thyme seeds, canola seeds, dogbane seeds, bee balm seeds, mugwort seeds, rhubarb stems, buckweat seeds, wild herb seeds, wild vegetable stems and dandelion seeds. Most require survival level three or four, morel mushroom spores requires five. The rest (like carrot, corn, wheat and the various other staple vegetable seeds) you’ll have to find either in the wild, around a farm, or at your local gardening supply store.

When you get food out of a grown plant (which iirc stays forever) there is usually one seed in it, and sometimes more than one.

That should be listed on the farming wiki page. Will check if it is.