Farming Changes

one problem i see is well. you can’t do any farming outside set season. know personaly not only would i say you can plant at any point i also say there should be season crops. Know this work mostly as a grows in that season. also lasting plants. its very unrealistic that crops die in winter. many crops would survive winter. Know does that mean they can be harvested? No they don’t grow in that time. But they don’t die. also changes to speed. crops that do die in winter grow fast but those fast crops only grow in a set season. crops that survive winter but only harvest a set season are second in grow speed. and the many season harvest and survive winter crops take the most time to grow. also change fertilizer i think its affect is lowered and would be need to get the most crop but growth hormons would be used for seeds. and fruit/tree seeds. fruit trees take many seasons to grow while wood trees grow in a single season

There’s a few problems with your perception of how agricultural plants work. They absolutely die in winter, with the exception of perennial plants. Frost is a major hazard for subsistence farming in cold and temperate areas, and only hardier crops can grow. Planting a seed when it’s too cold is likewise a bad idea since you can kill the seedling through thermal shock.

There are crops that can grow through winter, as you pointed out, but that hardly applies to all the crops in game. Without the ability to construct some kind of greenhouse you would be limited to the seasons most crops find ideal, and even the ones that do grow in winter are used less for human consumption and more for soil health (which isn’t modeled in game) and animal feed.

Wood trees wouldn’t grow in a single season. It takes many years to grow a tree from a sapling to something that could conceivably yield useful timber.


Is there currently a way to fertilize plants en masse? I remember having to do it all by hand, which is very frustrating.

The main thing would be to replace season constraint with weather constraint so that you might get stuff to grow in greenhouses which can’t work with the current implementation.

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I know the trees are not growing realistically. but also the seasons are uneven and i never said full size. just grow. i would say as a game logic it would take a year to fully grow. and with winter vs plants i mostly mean the fact you have to replant. mostly becuse no one has to replant nature i would think new seeds would grow were the plants was before it died but not every plant does this. plants like corn and wheat have to be replanted but vegetables would regrow. i also forgot to say some plants can be harvested many times. like watermellon and grapes grow vines and you harvast the “fruit” or berry of the plant meaning something would still be there

A year is a pretty steep grow time. Leafy greens can grow in 5-7 weeks iirc. With the season changes to be in line with the length of an IRL year one could just use the actual grow times of a plant. And yeah wild plants work differently than domestic varieties, but you would still have to replant anything that wasn’t perennial because most wild plants won’t go to seed if you harvest them.

I agree with @Fris0uman that temperature constraints rather than season constraints would be the ideal.

It might be in the same menu as the Till Plots/Plant Seeds/Harvest Crops options. Didn’t think to check on my last playthrough since I never had any fertilizer and it reduces yields anyway.

I thought we already had some measure of temperature constraints. I know my wilderness guy had plenty of unharvested crops at the start of winter, which I was expecting to turn into withered plants (the way they did a long time ago) but they remained intact and he was able to harvest and process them over the next week or so.
This was sometimes last year, though, so farming may have changed since then.

(That reminds me, I should load him up again one of these days, building a wind turbine for his isolated hippie farm might be cool.)