I didn’t know where else to put this I just wanted to know if i could take all the monsters out of the game and make animals spawn rates higher so i can have a survival safari?

Yes, what you’ll want to do is open the file data/raw/monstergoups.json, and replace any monsters you don’t want to spawn with monsters you do want to spawn. I’m not totally sure what will happen if you remove a particular group entirely, but I THINK if you change the default monster to “mon_null” and empty out the “monsters” list for the group, it will no longer spawn anything.

So for example to not spawn anything in houses, it’d look like:

    "name" : "GROUP_HOUSE",
    "default" : "mon_null",
    "monsters" : [

Kevin Granade: Custom world generation options in menu form you say? Awesome!



[sub]Seriously I want the ability to do stuff like this off the menu so badly.[/sub]

Thanks for the quick response, sometime I tied of zombies and just wanna hunt bears and npcs

I shall be taking the monsters outta my game I will let you know how it goes

Edit: Ok I did it all and some zombies are still around but like 1/15 of the normal