Re-Entering the Cataclysm/ Monstergroup Frequencies

Hey everybody! I fall in and out of an intense addiction to this game about once a year or so. Usually am nervous to restart my adventures in the Cataclysm because it is ALL I THINK ABOUT when I am playing. Got a few quick questions, wondering if anyone could answer:

First- I like to edit the monstergroup frequencies to make special zombies fewer and farther between. Does setting a frequency to 0 COMPLETELY remove a monster from the game? Or just, like, make the spawns really really really infrequent?

Second- I’ve been reading that nutrition’s been tweaked to make it simpler and more appealing to keep it active in the game. Does changing the season length change the level of nutritional intake you need on a day to day basis to keep healthy?

Third- is it possible that i could just copy and paste my json edits over the jsons in monsters and monstergroups to new experimental builds, so that I don’t have to change em all by hand every time i grab a new experimental?

Thanks everyone! This is one of the most…interesting player bases of any game I’ve ever played, and even when I’m not playing, I’ll still often check the forums to read about deathmobile ideas and how people love/hate new changes in the game. Always an interesting time.

1 - I was going to tell you that 0 is the same as not having an entry, but then I was browsing through monstergroups and found a few 0 entries. I don’t know why a 0 freq. would spawn, but I can’t tell you it won’t.

2 - AFAIK, nutrition and hunger/thirst do not change with season length.

3 - I wouldn’t copy-paste anything from an older version of the game into a newer version without verification. With all the little changes that get added on a daily basis, I’d hate to see you ruin monster or item groups and the like. I’d read and compare each monstergroup to see if it changed before I copy/paste. I can think of at least one monster that was added in the last month or so, and there have probably been others since you last played.