Question on ankle holsters

If I keep a hunting knife in my ankle holster, will it’s 30 butchering quality still be used when I butcher a corpse, or do I need to unsheath and wield it for that?

It’ll work from the holster, IIRC.

Knives shouldn’t fit in holsters (boots/sheaths!) but if they do, the game should find 'em for butchering, etc checks.

Now what you REALLY want is a circular saw…

if i have multiple cutting weapons (4 knifes and 2 katanas) it will pick best weapon for butchery?

Yes, it grabs the highest quality one.

I do think knives are supposed to fit in ankle holsters. If you pply the holster, the menu that pops up even has a nice option where you can select whether to sheath a pistol or a knife.

Another question on ankle holsters. What affects how you draw from a holster/sheath? Is it the weapon skill or Dex?
A regular sheath I’m always able to easily draw with 14 Dex, 10 melee/weapon skill
An Ankle Holster will always be clumsily drawn, which I’m assuming takes up more action points to do?
I tend to keep an RM228 in the ankle holster and a Tanto, both are clumsily drawn, if the specific weapon is also what affects chances.