Best relevant tool used in action?

Sorry if this has been asked before, or is obvious (I checked around and didn’t see any duplicate questions but I could be wrong)…

If I perform an action, and have multiple tools of the same type in my inventory, will the game pick the best one for the job?

Example: I carry around a ‘butcher knife’ and an ‘X-Acto knife’. If I quick butcher a zombie, the game will use the butcher knife correct? But if I dismember a zombie (technician for example), the game will use the X-Acto knife right?

Just want to make sure I’m not accidentally using my butcher knife for dissection! Or wasting time being cautious and dropping items when I don’t have to. Thanks for your help!

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I’m fairly certain this is correct. You don’t need to drop your inferior items.


Awesome! That’s what it seems like… just wanted to make sure, thanks for the reply!

Correct for all things except prying tools (crowbars etc.) for some reason, in this specific case you will be always asked which tool to use.


And if i’m carrying hunter knife, but in my utility belt?

It applies just fine. My current go to is hunting knife + X-Acto knife + toolbox (for the saw). Covers any butchering task you may need.

In case you’re wondering, my understanding is that sheathed items apply any qualities/tool abilities to the sheathe they are in, so you can always use your tools even if they are sheathed.


It’s the same deal. The “holster” (sheath, scabbard, utility belt etc.) will take on the same qualities as whatever it is containing. You can see this in-game if you examine it, it’ll say something like “utility belt with knife; has level 15 butchering quality”.

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