Question: Disposal of bodies and junk items. What do

So, I need help. What’s the best way to dispose of bodies, and what’s the best way to dispose of garbage (extra items like tools, random junk)?

Butcher the bodies.

As for junk items, they’re not junk. Pretty much every item in Cata is useful in some way.

And keep tools, you fool! Extra tools you might need.

[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:2, topic:7108”]Butcher the bodies.

As for junk items, they’re not junk. Pretty much every item in Cata is useful in some way.

And keep tools, you fool! Extra tools you might need.[/quote]

Will the butchered bodies/meat piles go away after a while?

Meat eventually rots and disappears, but bones and skins do not. Lava can be used to instantly destroy any item (well, technically, you just can’t see or touch them).

If you really want a convenient means of disposal, light a raging fire and throw everything into it. Whatever survive is metal, which can be recycled into scrap.

I’ve found that wool items are ridiculously resistant to being thrown in a fire. Is that a bug, or do I just need a bigger fire?

IIRC, raging fires (you need gasoline or booze for those) will destroy everything but metal and nomex.

If you choose not tobbutcher the corpses, they will eventually rot (dissapear) without leaving bone piles

For destroying other items I just debug acid fields

Best way to light a raging fire then?

You need several tiles to be on fire in order to get it Raging. I’d stack the bodies in 4-5 adjacent tiles (a clump), add some lumber and give each one a shot of alcohol and a shot of lighter.

Molotovs create Raging fires don’t they?

I’ve been planning to make some acid bombs for cleanup around my shelter. If they work like scientist acid they should melt almost anything.

The easiest way to create raging fires is if you have the Mini-Flamethrower CBM. If you use it on the same tile multiple times, the fire gets more intense. It may burn out before everything is consumed, through.

(Sometimes, in the later part of a game, I like to clean up the area around my base, and this is how I usually do it.)

My dwarf fortress reflex makes me try and kill as many zombies as it possible on 1 tile, then I butcher them all, grab what I want and light the rest on fire.

The cbm flamethrower is great for raging fires (couple of hipflasks full of petrol work as well), but if you really do want to destroy everything then acid is probably the only way to go, bit of a hassle though.

Generally though, just move on. Take what you want, pile 1 of every useful tool in a trunk in your car then leave the rest.

Acid bombs destroy any and all items.
Apart from artifacts, they are indestructible as far as I know.

acid and fire. whatever doesn’t burn, you use acid on. Butcher the bodies first. Some zombies have CBMs which you dont want to lose to the fire/acid. I do This only to corpses and all the clothing they tend to come with. Cant bring myself to outright destroy anything else unless its rotten food.

For quick and easy shambler dispatching, 's’mash those corpses to a pulp. Takes less time than butchering and keeps the buggers from coming back. For disposal of junk, just make a dwarven atom smasher with a chain activated metal door.