Garbage Disposal

I’d like to see some way of getting rid of unwanted items.

I tend to build a dry-moat around my shelter, to keep mobs at bay; as a bonus, it fills up with random animal corpses, which I can butcher for meat. There’s way too many of them, though, so much of the meat is rotten before I can use it. No problem, I can burn that. But not all the stuff I want gone burns. Probably the biggest offender right now is human flesh (accumulated from practicing butchery on random human corpses, including those of fallen PCs…), which is bizarrely non-flammable, and so cannot be removed (short of spawning in a Cannibal, I suppose…). That said, I tend to adopt a ‘swarm of locusts’ approach to gathering, to make it more obvious when a place is in fact cleared out. Accordingly, there are other things that I find myself not needing; notably, any tools that I don’t need multiples of and can’t disassemble are effectively junk. It would, of course, be nice if more things could be disassembled, but failing that…

Burning junk is ok, but I think it’d also be nice if you could dig pits to dispose of your trash in. I’d imagine that you dig a pit, drop items into the pit, and then when you fill that pit, you get prompted “there are items in the pit, bury them? (y/n)” Buried items would effectively be gone for good. As a side note, this is a bit more respectful of an end for the fallen dead than butchery… maybe grant a slight mood bonus for burying human/zombie corpses?

I second this notion, the town is just so unseemly with rotten chunks of human flesh scattered all around.

On that note, Endovior, you can throw a flammable object (rag, piece of wood, cardboard box etc) onto the same tile as that as the flesh to act as a firestarter, and the entire stack should ignite. Sometimes I carry rotten meat around to use as fuel for my extended cooking sprees.

Also, if you find a steel compactor behind a hardware store, you can use it to convert any steel objects into chunks of steel (or even lumps, but the code’s a bit funny, so that’s a waste - do it via crafting)

It will also disappear any non-steel junk you put in it, thus saving you on matches and time!