Question about using ammo

I have a quick question about making guns in the jsons. I want to delve into the world of making simple items and I was wondering, I want to make a blunderbuss that shoots random objects, but can I make my own ammo groups or is that not in a .json? Also, can I make the weapon use up multiple ammo per shot? And if I can’t do that, are bursts confined to a certain amount, or can I change it so I can fire all the ammo I have loaded in one burst like the beggars bazooka (probably around 10)?

  1. Making something that can shoot random objects would require more then just editing the jsons. (Probably a lot more).
  2. Making weapons shoot more then one ammo per shot would be fairly easy to add, but still requires a bit of coding (right now your options are 1 ammo or 100 ammo, see the tazer for a 100 ammo example).
  3. If you set the burst size to the same as the ammo size I’m fairly certain it would unload the gun completely (in a complex rain of devastation, most likely).