Creating a weapon that shoots anything

Hello everyone. I’m new here to the forum but not new to Cataclysm nor messing around with the JSON files within it. I’m in the middle of making a cool little mod pack for everyone using some stuff I made for myself and some I’m trying to make specifically for the mod itself.

One of these new items I’m making is a weapon, much like a potato gun or the Rock-it-Launcher from Fallout, that can shoot really anything you can stuff or place in the barrel. Would a weapon like this be even possible within Cataclysm using only JSON or would I have to dive head first into the .lua? Or because of the way ammo and weapons work right now would it not be possible at all?

Thank you guys and gals in advance.

LUA support was removed a while back.

CDDA doesn’t support declaring arbitrary things to be ammo. You can declare anything to be ammo, but ammo items need a special definition that describes how they act as ammo. You’d have to add that definition to every item in the game.

So it’s possible, but it’s a lot of work right now.


Hmm, I kinda figured as such.

Even so, thank you for the quick reply. Helps out greatly.

You could have a recipe that converts random items into a “junk” ammunition item, and even have it be reversible. You would still need to list every item in the game though.


Oh yeah, that is the plan going forward now. However I’m gonna need to make a couple ammo types to give the weapon a bit of flexibility. Hopefully it all turns out great and I can get the mod put out for you guys to enjoy.


It is called a Blunderbuss. I believe we already have this.

A blunderbuss is relatively small and uses black powder to propel things. The idea for this is some sort of electric powered launcher for larger things, like baseballs or shoes.

You got the idea right on the money. The idea has expand a bit now. I’m basing it on a real world weapon that includes the versatility I need to make this mod happen. I’m also going to compile a couple other things so that it’s not just the launcher. Hopefully, it’ll be good and you guys can enjoy launching an assortment of fruits at unsuspecting zombies. :wink:

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Well I suppose you could use an electric blower and make it a bit over powered. Cork it with wads of random crap and see if they get propelled. But for all the work. A gun is much more viable. You can find scrap to make a crossbow or a bow much easier too.

I wonder if a small air compressor with an electric motor to fill it up would be useful.

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I almost wonder if a gasgun style would be more effective.

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I have an idea on what the weapon will be. More or less, it’s going to be comparable to something like the China Lake, or the TOZ-123. A large, bulky firearm with a case that can hold a myriad of things. Everything from cookies to mini-nukes. It’s as if the 40 mike-mike and the blunderbuss had a baby.