Creating a Gun : Loaded by default

In my little mod, I started to create a series of guns.
I designed one of these guns as a throwaway gun, that’s not designed to be reloaded or unloaded at all. I can use the gun just fine, it shoots, it spawns.

The issue is that the guns spawned are empty. I would like them to always spawn loaded with a particular kind of ammo.

Is this possible ?

Here is my current JSON for the gun :

In the itemgroup, add the “ammo-item” and “charges” entry.

{ "item": "m1911", "ammo-item": "45_acp", "charges": 7, "container-item": "holster" }

In this example, the m1911 will spawn loaded with 7 rounds of 45 ACP. It’s also in a holster, but that’s not relevant.

I believe that’s what you’re looking for. You can see other examples of this here and there. That specific example is from the professions.json.