Is it possible to create new types of ammo effects?

Disclosure: I posted this on Reddit as well so sorry if this feels “spammy” for lack of a better word.
As the title said im trying to figure out if its even possible to create new ammo effects, anyone know how ammo effects work? I’ve been digging for a good 3 days and either I suck at research or it just isnt possible atm. I can add new effects to ammo but they seem to have no effect lol sorry.

Edit: Also possibly an easier question but anyone know if its possible to code a gun to shoot, do 0 damage, poison its target, and not reflect off said target?

In JSON you can do some interesting things with ammo like spawning an item when the projectile hits, like a grenade or a flare. You can also experiment with fields so a hit, say, spawns a bunch of smoke, or poison gas. If you actually want to make something that does something actually new and complex you need to hardcode it in C++.

Any weapon with 0 damage will automatically have a range of 0 (unless that was fixed) so that part is impossible. However, you could just give it 1 damage, which seems sensible if it’s just a needle full of poison. The hard part then is armor, because pretty much everything has a point or two of cutting armor, so you’ll need to either give it extra damage or some armor piercing. Reflecting off an enemy occurs when the projectile can’t penetrate the armor, unless I’m mistaken.

As far as poison is concerned, you might be able to have a projectile spawn an item that causes a poison gas for a turn, but that would be a little janky. Also, I don’t think most enemies are affected by poison.

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THIS MIGHT ACTUALLY WORK! I already have several emit fields that use new effects that I added.

Yea most enemies like zeds arent effect by poison but im doing re-balances and adding mobs so that wont be an issue.
Im going to try this stuff out. Thanks man!