Question about mobile version

I love this game however its hard to play on my Note 9 due to controls. I’m considering on buying a bluetooth keyboard to play but would that work like on the desktop version? Thanks!

I’ve never played the desktop version before, only the mobile version. I am however going to try putting the game on an adroid tv box once my wireless keyboard comes in. Keep us posted on your findings! I’ll do the same once I’m up and running on the android box. :blush:

the android port has all of the features the pc version has, it’s just also got touchscreen controls as well.
Your keyboard should work great

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The keyboard comes 8n tommorow, I’ll post my findings then.

Well the keyboard works amazing! Using my Note 9s smart view to cast to my TV and it’s great. The only thing I wish I could figure out is how to get the game to show less of the sidebar and more of the game. The sidebar takes up 70% of the screen space.

increase the terminal size in graphical options