Changing the interface size on the mobile version

So I got my android casting to my TV and my keyboard at the ready but there is something I wanted to know that’s not necessary game breaking. On the mobile version the side panel takes up 70% of the screen making it hard to see around. Os there a way to change this? Thanks!

Expermiment with terminal height and terminal width in the graphics(?) settings.
Here’s my screenshot from a thread I made.

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I’ve tried that and nothing changes for me.

Huh, I’m sure it would make the side panel smaller. I don’t know how to help you on that.

But you could talk with @a1studmuffin, he’s the one who made the android port.

Did you restart the app after adjusting the terminal width + height to something larger than the default? The Android version is a little different to the desktop version in that regard.

That’s super cool you got it working on Android TV, never tested it myself so great to know it works. FYI you can long-press the back button to hide the quick shortcuts along the bottom if you’re not using them.

Yes I did and the results were the same. I’ll double check when I’m off of work today and send you any information you need. Thanks for your help and work on the android port.

Oh I didn’t do it in the Android TV, the guy who made the thread did. The screenshot was just from my phone in another thread to demonstrate the capabilities of terminal height and terminal width.

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Terminal height and width changes the rendered resolution and thus the visible font size.
There is no reason this would not fix this issue after a restart.

You can make the panel smaller by changing it to the compact layout under ‘}’ menu (press that button)