Question about dirty water tanks and funnels

So, I have my vehicle set up with several water tanks. One with a funnel and purifier for dirty water, and two others for clean water. Problem is, purifying the tank turns it into a clean water tank as well. Any way to get it to transfer to the clean tanks and keep the dirty water tank a dirty water tank.

There’s no way to do it at the moment other than removing the tanks or doing it manually. I’ve taken to just using a tank until it’s empty than moving the funnel to the empty tank.

  • Craft / keep a loose empty 60L tank or like a steel jerrycan. Siphon the clean water into it from one of the tanks. Now refill the vehicle tank at the bottom of the list because it’s the top one that gets siphoned first.
  • You could also try driving your car next to any car with a non-leaky tank in it. Drain the other car’s tank (dump it on the ground) and siphon the clean water back and forth. No tools necessary, other than a rubber hose.

It’s kind of a drag but you don’t have to do it more than once or twice in a game.

Being able to transfer fluids between tanks by a chosen amount would be neat.

Don’t bother… Keep 1 tank with clean and another with dirty. There are plenty of cooking recipes that use water instead of clean so, in reality, with 1 tank of each you are set. The weather region simmulated in the game is USA New England, so even in middle summer rains close to 30% of the time while snow in the winter doesn’t alter the summer figure much neither, so for as long as everything is functional, your dirty water tank will fill up BEFORE you have time to spend its equivalent in clear water (I repeat if you use directly water in the recipes that allow BOTH).

I know that it sounds counterproductive to spend time having to cook clean water when purification is so time-efficient. If you are using recent experimentals, and want to keep using your 3 tank setup you can do the following:

  • Let one of the clean tanks to empty.

  • Purify the dirty.

  • Get the ruber hose, use “siphon” on vehicle examine menu.

  • When the menu on what to do appears, select pour into a nearby vehicle.

  • The system will automatically fill up the remaining empty tank with the clean water.

  • It should work also to partially refil any clean tank if you don’t mind that the remaining clean water turns dirty the next time it rains so you don’t have to wait for an empty clean tank but not at home atm to check specifically this combo… I always refill tanks after they empty completely.