Can't put clean water into my vehicle

All of a sudden I can’t do it. Only options (while in vehicle) are to pour on ground or into nearby container, NOT into nearby vehicle.

This happened after I moved my save to a version of the game released today.

This is, to my knowledge, due to the new freezing mechanics, which makes water and a bunch of other fluids ‘active’ fluids, which the system for filling vehicles manually ignores, a workaround that can work is using funnels to fill them directly

How do you put clean water in the tanks using funnels?

notes:1. You only need to be on the title next to a vehicle to be able to fill it(being in it is no different). 2. Said option is disabled if the tank is full.

Possible solution: Enter the vehicle build menu (E) and from there press F and fill what you want.

Remember to always save your files before changing something.

you install a funnel over the tank inside the vehicle, to put in non-clean water, then you purify it using an installed FOODCO or water purifier

Well yes, but you cant directly put clean water in the tanks like you were able to.

how to? There is a metal funnel over the tank , but I cannot put non-clean water in. now I had to wait for the rain.

put the funnels over empty tanks, let them fill, then purify them. You won’t be able to refill a tank until you’ve used it all up tho

Use a Hose if not mistaken.


Sorry. I meant have one in your inventory to move liquids.

Doesn’t help. Can’t do it. Some liquids can be used (cough syrup), others, like clean water, do not give me the option.

Your vehicle must have self-esteem issues. It thinks it only deserves dirty water.