Loading up on drinking water

I store all my drinking water in an empty barrel which I keep in the trunk, but my fires are burning out quickly. I dug a pit right near a river, through two by fours into it, then light it and spam the craft menu and make purified water button. Is there an automated way to do this? How do I make my fires last longer? Right now I just chuck in all the two by fours I have and start boiling in a pan immediately.

All the two by fours will burn at the same time if you put them in that way. Try putting just one in, and adding another every so often. You go through less fuel that way. Sadly one two by four will burn away faster then most crafting takes so you will go through charges of your matches or lighters fairly fast relighting them, but it uses up less wood at least.

-Get a steel frame.
-Get a water purifier electronic device. They are pretty easy to make.
-Get a battery and a solar panel.
-Make a 1 tle vehicle.
-Mount the purifier.
-Install the battery

-Way more water than you wll ever need. a Second frame, a funnel, and a dirty and clean water tank to make the process so painless the only way it could be easier is if you installed it onto you car or you could make intraveneous drips of water.

In the crafting menu, use the (b) key to batch craft, this makes it so you can make up to 20 of the same recipe.