How does armour combine?

Say I’m wearing a kevlar vest under a winter survivor suit. How do these armours stack? Does their protection add together, giving me a very high armour value? Does it take only the highest? Does it do some sort of calculation?

I think it might be that whatever part of your body is hit it is a calculation for each individual piece that covers that part.

okay, so, there’s three factors here, Bodypart, Coverage, and Layering.

Each piece of armor covers a given bodypart, which is obvious and I will not bother to elaborate further.

Coverage is the % chance that piece of armor will intercept a blow. So, that kevlar vest has a much lower % to intercept than the winter survivor suit.

third is layering(which is separate from clothing ‘Layer’), which you can shuffle around with +. Simply put, pieces of armor lower on the list are further ‘out’ and roll to see if they block a hit.

So, with your two things, depending on the layering, it will roll to determine which things intercept a blow. given the high coverage of the winter survivor suit, you basically have a chance to either intercept with just that, or both that and the vest.


Last time anyone talked about this. I was to understand, that the outer layer takes the hit and works inwards. Each layer in has a percentage of taking damage and absorbing it too. Until you get the hit on flesh.