How am I meant to interpret these defense numbers?

Total coverage is indicated to be 95%.
Lower, I see materials of steel and cotton and protection numbers for 25% and 75% in red and green. Does this mean that 95% of the time the armor is hit, but 25% of 95% of the time it hits cotton and only provides the protection listed in red?

Yes - Armor has gaps and/or weakpoints that can be exploited. Its particularly pronounced with makeshift gear, so its a good idea to have a reliable underlayer if your using particularly holey armor.


Thanks. It was almost obvious, but I am surprised at the depth of detail here and it suggests that the 95% coverage listed near the top is rather misleading.

It would be cool if the calculated average coverage was listed at the top and all of the subdivisions of coverage were detailed lower.

BTW, has anyone found a place where the layer of armor is listed? Aside from trial and error, it is not obvious to me which items are base layer, main layer, or straps. Are there more layers? I know a lot of people wear more than three in real life without any issue.

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Numpad+ will open the armor sorting menu, which’ll show layering on the right and let you adjust things. If you look at an item, the “Coverage: Outer” is where it lives. So outer, hanging, strapped, inner, etc. When it comes to things that live on one side limb or another (watch, holster, sheath, etc) you can press C to change the side it sits on, so you can wear a holster and a sheath at the same time without penalty.

Okay, you’re right “coverage” is the term being used:
close to the skin,

There is also a “total coverage” and a “covers”. :slight_smile:


Imagine some wannabe superhero wearing his briefs over a pair of tights. and getting all jammed up.

Your welcome - And don’t stress overlapping penalties too much - Its a multiplier on existing encumbrance afaik, so wearing two items on the same layer that are encumbrance 1 is barely going to slow you down, while wearing two sets of chainmail is going to be brutal. If you’re seeing a lot of “Your X encumbrance throws you off” notices then you’ll want to reconsider your gear.


I just can’t help that primal disatisfaction you get when seeing yellow in the clothing screen.

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My characters are in the yellow all the time, pushing pink. It’s either that or they die.

The encumberance I can accept, just not the yellows you get when there are conflicting items in a layer, I’m glad you could stick some smaller items on your limbs though.

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Now I’m curious. If I find enough rash guard clothing and put on twelve layers I wonder what the encumbrance will be.

Can you find enough rashguard to have a high enough protection to resist clawing?

Probably not. I only found one.