Prosthetic limbs and Chainsaw arms

So, you step on a bear trap, or run over a land mine. You’re doomed, right? You’re a gimp. Forever slowed down. But what if there was another way? What if you could make something useful out of those limbs? What if you could pull an Ash, and attach a chainsaw, or a shotgun to the stump? Or just make a pegleg out of some wood. Maybe craft an artificial hand out of electronics with sufficiently high skill. Such would be awesome.

Swear I’ve seen the chainsaw prosthetic suggestion multiple times now.

Or you could drag your crippled ass to the hospital and offer yourself upon the alter of defiance get strap in for a computerized surgery that’ll fix your arm/leg. BUT doing so means finding and clearing a hospital. I recommend doing so before you actually need it.

Well, the way I was thinking, prosthetic limbs wouldn’t give you back 100% mobility, but instead like, 90 or 80 percent.
And chainsaw arms would be awesome. We already have a sort of if you ask me out of place X-men reference in the adamantium claws. A chainsaw arm would be a fitting homage.

I guess (80-90% is still rather high) it could work but I just don’t want the characters becoming freakish metal mutants… I retract my previous statement on the grounds that they already are.