[Suggestion] Limb Loss, and prosthetics

Right now if you suffer from frostbite, there’s little consequence once you get heat up, since your limbs never go dead and after resting it for a day you’ll be fit as a fiddle…

But what if you can lose a limb, and then have to survive without one, or have to fashion a replacement for said limb.
When you lose an arm, your dexterity is halved permanently… Unless you can fit a prosthetic, a simple hook would maybe add 25%, and a more fancy one would increase it even further. Maybe add in CBM’s that can fully replace your arm, or even add some nice gadgets to your new arm…

You might never have asked for it, but through the loss of your limbs you might become… More than human.

If you loose an arm you don t losse dex at all >.>.
You simply loose an arm. So you can t hold 2 handed items.
It might reduce crafting speed.

You can already “loose” a limb. it just heals back. And with the mutation and growth inducing blob inside of you It doesn t suprise if you regrow a limb(or anadditional ones for that matter). Also theres hospitals that can “regrow” your arms or legs if needed.

Support. I just posted about this in the cbm ideas topic, but I’d definitely like to see this in game. I’d like full on Shadowrun style cyberlimbs (though I caught that Deus Ex flavor there) with different stats and abilities. However, since they’d likely be found or crafted in CDDA, maybe have them gradually upgradable over time?

The main issue is that to do it properly, I’d likely have to do a bunch in the healing and damage code.