Profession Ideas

I have not found any recent threads (seen one made in 2013 though, I wasn’t sure if I should necro it) featuring ideas from the community on new professions. Since we had a bunch of new items implemented since then, I decided to start up a thread with some of my profession ideas.

[IT Specialist]

Inventory: dress shirt, boxers/panties, pants, socks, dress shoes, PDA.

Skills: Computers 2, Electronics 2, Speech 2 (and/or barter?).

Description: It was just another day at the office, until one of your clients suddenly began screaming over the phone. At first you thought it was just another belligerent customer, until your coworkers began having the same sudden interruptions. Soon after, all hell broke loose and you found yourself to be one of the few surviving specialist to have made it out of the office alive!

Note: We could use a few more professions from an office.


Inventory: pocket knife, baseball cap (or) boonie hat, t-shirt, utility vest, jeans, fishing waders, basic fishing rod, plastic fish trap, fish bait - bread/meat/veggy.

Skill(s): Survival 2, Swimming 2.

Description: What you thought was just the stench of a bad catch, turned out to be much more worse than that. Fighting off what appeared to be living bloated corpse, you manage to make your way to dry land. Unfortunately, a good portion of your best gear was lost. Not to mention your damned canoe!

Note: Might be interesting to see the new fishing traps put into use more early in the game.

[Basketball Player]

Inventory: sports jersey, shorts, sneakers (and a basketball, but that would need to be included later I guess).

Skill(s): Dodge 2, Throwing 3.

Description: It was going to be your first major game, but then the cataclysm struck. Creatures unlike anything you’ve seen before, began attacking the attending crowd and only a handful of people managed to escape the carnage. Thanks to your quick feet, you were among the lucky few to survive and escape from the creatures.

Note: We really need some basketballs! :stuck_out_tongue:

There might be a few more that I could think of, but for now, I want to see what professions other folks have in mind. I’m also not sure how many character points to assign to each profession, so I could also use some help there too.

I like the fisherman idea, it’d be interesting to try surviving from the waterbodies!

Maybe a busser/waiter?


Inv: Dress shirt, underwear, pants, socks, dress shoes, some rags, a butterknife, maybe a glass bottle of wine, a bit of bread, plate and a drinking glass? A candle? Skills: Dodge 1, Speech 1. Description: Right after a busy shift, came the cataclysm. Tray in hand, you managed to escape. Now you must dodge corpses instead of tables, and no fat tips will reward your charm.

A bike courier (w/o bike)

[Bike Courier]

Inv: T-Shirt, Shorts, underwear, backpack/messenger bag, bike helmet, socks, sneakers some files/flyers?, a plastic bottle of water, bicycle horn? Fingerless gloves?. Skills: Driving 1 Description: You tought it was some jerk that had pushed you from your bike. It was closer to jerk...ed meat. Guess the client won't need these documents so soon. Your bike got wrecked, anyway.

(This one is a bit too close to the mail carrier and pro cyclist, I think?)


Inv: Underwear, T-shirt, jumpsuit, Rubber boots, rubber gloves, Baseball Cap/Cotton hat?, Dust mask Gallon of bleach, Rag, Mop/Broom Skills: - Description: It was an emergency call to clean a mess. You just didn't realize at the time how big it'd be.

Could also be a Garbage Collector, a bit like the Janitor, but maybe with a bit of dodging and leather gloves and boots, and without the mop/bleach!

There could be also a “Cleaner” profession like Jean Reno’s character has in “Nikita” (Victor, IIRC)

Inv: Concentrated acid in a glass bottle, a Trenchcoat, stylish sunglasses, suit, bowler hat, socks, dress shoes, briefcase, switchblade (maybe a supressed pistol?). Skills: Cooking 1, Handguns 1. Description: (another joke with cleaning, will need more acid for so many bodies, etc.)

And I also don’t know how many points to assign to each profession, haha.

Sorry for the possibly confusing/flavourless text, my english is very rusty. Also, I think maybe I’ve suggested too many items for these professions, it could turn out to be a bit unbalanced.

Would definitely play as the office worker or the janitor.

Would love a factory worker profession as it would be me! Something like your basic survivor but with maybe a point or two in fabrication or mechanic, and some other very basic gear.
Also, I would love to RP the cleaner profession.
Stupid thought, why isn’t there a way to “buy” basic equipment with points like we can skills or even a way to create professions with descriptions etc?

Because it’s basically impossible to balance.
You can add new professions, just edit data/json/professions.json

Because it’s basically impossible to balance.
You can add new professions, just edit data/json/professions.json[/quote]

Fair enough.

I am currently working on the basketball player.

After that I will try to rework the chef and add a butcher.

EDIT: PR for Basketball Player is out, just needs to be merged. I just took your description, Cenobite.

Those are some nice ideas there, jinzaditen. Also, I just saw your implementation of the Basketball Player hit main, Snaaty. Pretty nice work there!

I had another idea after trying out a Bow Hunter. I noticed we didn’t have any modern huntsmen professions who used guns, so I decided to write up something.


Inventory: Ruger 10/22, .22 LR, pocket knife, knit hat, long-sleeved shirt, light jacket, light gloves, cargo pants, socks, hiking boots (panties/briefs/bra wherever needed).

Skills: Marksmanship 1, Rifles 1, Survival 2.

Description: The thrill of the hunt has always been an enjoyable experience for you. But after the cataclysm, you’ve been finding yourself to be the one who is chased and stalked. You still have your gun and some bullets left, perhaps now is the time to turn the tables on your hunters!

Note: Not sure what the usual gun for people who hunt in New England is, so I stuck with what I thought was best. I’m no gun expert!