Process for reparing 'faulty' engines?

Sorry if this has been posted before, but I did do some searching and nothing appeared.

Just wondering what is the exact process for repairing faulty engines? I am having a lot of problems with this, first of all, you can’t seem to do anything from the regular ‘view vehicle’ page, do you have to remove the engine itself or something?

Press “M”, or mend.

And have the proper parts to mend the vehicle.

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Ah, crap. Totally missed that, thanks. Mended the engine using a makeshift fuel filter, good as new now! :slight_smile:

e; whatever happened to the newb tips and tricks thread? It appears locked?

New policy seems to be lock threads if they get too big, then use the “share a link to this post” feature to continue the conversation.

No idea how that is supposed to work, I guess just make new threads for quick questions??

And yes, just make new threads, no matter how small you think the question is.

Cool, seems pretty efficient once you figure out how everything actually works.

I necropost because the list of messages at the bottom is apparently a random list of unread messages. I click on them, get interested in the topic, and post. If I’m doing it on my phone, then it’s hard for me to see the dates.