Engines get faulty while driving?

I find it nice that engines can be faulty when you find them, but i wonder if they can get faulty while driving. If not, than that should definitely be a thing.

I think it would be fun to have to mend them from time to time.

I think it is actually supposed to happen however for as long as I have been using vehichles with this feature enabled I have not run into a case where the engines of the vehicle I was using went faulty.

I feel like faulty engines are more reliable than damaged ones.

We need the repair process for engine faults to be more robust before we start making them occur in previously functional engines.

It’d make sense to me if how hard you are pushing the engine (for example going super fast constantly) it would impact the change of something going wrong. I do have to repair my engine personally, but not because of mending, because I stupidly put my engine on the front of my Ram-Cycle and it keeps getting damaged every time I explode a zombie into gory paste.
I really need to find where I put my tools…

to kill the engine during driving? camerade, yes easy as a pie! :slight_smile:
repeatedly I started the car and suddenly I stopped - “your car has no engine”. it is called “have arrived”