Problem with game crashing in a lab

Hey, i think i posted in the wrong place originally, so, here. Game Crashes and Map Note Oddness

PLEASE HELP MEEEEEE! i want to raid this lab. its only the second i’ve ever been in, and the first was on a world that got deleted in an update and it was full of Normal ants and Shoggoths. This one has PROMISE!

Which version and what system + other details of what goes on helps narrow things down. Screaming for help doesn’t often garner any.

You could also try re-ordering your mods and see if this helps?

I didn’t mean to just ‘scream for help’. which is why i tried to screen shot the crash logs. I just hate that i put them on a dead question first. I just know that my game is kept up to date, and, how do i reorder my mods? This problem literally ONLY HAPPENED when i entered the lab, and seems to be mainly happening in there.

“Is the aiming borked for other people or just me? I can’t fire/ throw anything as it crashes from turrets to guns to thrown items with the only exception being a… towel?”

mlangsdorfGreat contributor
It was a problem with the aiming system but this is fixed as of 8264 recommend starting new character as bug still affects older characters -I believe as it happened to mine-


Known bug, being investigated.

It’s an experimental release, and sometimes the result of the experiment is “didn’t do enough testing.” Though in this case, two valid and testing changes arrived at the same time and conflicted with each other and the devs are still untangling the conflict.

…What? How is this helping my current problem? :frowning: Just random crashing in the lab im in.

The crash message is too similar for it to not be your problem. update to latest it patched the bug for existing saves as well as new ones