Game crashing inside of Prison

So I’ve just entered the prison for the first time in my current play-through, and have encountered two crashes when I entered combat with Zombies Cops using ranged weapons inside the building.
These are the mods I’m running in my current world:
Disable NPC Needs
Simplified Nutrition
Icecoon’s Arsenal
Makeshift Items
More Survival Tools
Alt Map Key
Mutant Npcs
More Locations
Fuji’s More Buildings
Folding Parts
Vehicles Addition
Tanks and Other Vehicles
Remix Indicators
Classes and Scenarios
Safe Autodoc
Also the current game build I’m using is 0.C-35060-gbf30dbc 8263, and I also experienced a similar crash with build 8255

Aiming is a known bug they’re trying to fix it so its going to be awhile just hang in there and come back in a day or two

Thanks for the reply, though I’m thinking it has to do with the NPC’s as the one I’m traveling with is using a rifle. I’ll try going without him and see if it affects it.

ANY aiming with an item with dmg values is crashing the game no matter what like throwing a bolt will crash

Thanks for the heads up, but yeah leaving behind my companion seems to have solved it. Good reason to keep going solo for now haha

Glad I haven’t updated in a bit, my character is primarily ranged so he would be practically crippled.

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Its fixed for new characters… or so I gather as all my new characters can aim but my current keeps crashing on aim which makes for an interesting challenge

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