Which experimental version won't crash?

I have just escaped from lab. After I picked the last locks of the lab, I walked out side and see the sun and grass for the first time.
Then the game crashed because a vehicle turned.

Which recent experimental version won’t crash?
I am playing 0.C-36449-g4d93e13a84, downloaded on Jan 13.

I just want to load the save and continue playing the game …


There have been a couple of crash causing bugs recently, so try something from about 4 days ago? Whatever was going on there seems to have been introduced after that. Then try updating again in a few days, as these sort of bugs usually don’t stay in the the experimental for very long.

I have an about 2 week old experimental, I have had a few, though rare crashes.

A friendly reminder. Put all item mods at the top with all critter mods at the bottom of your load order. Some times the game will crash because the load order isn’t happy.