Aiming at the tile the character is on causes game to crash

Build: 8255 (experimental)

After the ability to pre-aim at a spot was added if you aim at the tile the character is on and wait till your steadiness is full the game will crash.

Steps :

  1. Build a world give yourself a ranged weapon and ammo. And reload the weapon.
  2. Aim at the tile the character is on.
  3. Press ‘5’ (default key for waiting/aiming) till your steadiness is full.
  4. Press ‘5’ one more time.

After that the game will start using CPU like crazy and stop working.
**FYI:**Every time i did this my computer didn’t like it at all, I needed to manually restart my PC because it froze. It is possible to avoid this if you are quick and close cataclysm fast enough.

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Dude, you’re just killing your computer and resurrecting it.


I think this happens with throwing too, I cant throw grenades without crashing.

Build: #8264 (experimental) solved the crash or at least it doesn’t happen in #8266.

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I am playing #8266 build and have an even bigger problem. Whenever I press “f” to shoot a gun or thrash a spear or aim a mounted turret manually, the game crash. This never happened before and I don’t install any new mods.
Any clue ? Because I can’t play the game like this, melee only is too boring

For those who still encounter the crash after the update, you would need to amend your savefile manually:

  1. Open your .sav file and search for “last_target_pos”
  2. Your save file probably has "last_target_pos": [ -2147483648, -2147483648, -2147483648 ]
  3. Change that to "last_target_pos": null
  4. Save and done.