Problem when entering science lab

Spoiler ahead for anyone who has not entered a science lab. If you have ever opened the front door, you are fine to read on.

I cut the front door open with an acetylene torch.
By the time I had finished, the turret in the entry hall had shot me completely full of holes and was out of ammo.
I would likely be dead if not for the MBR ceramic vest.
Why did this happen?
It seems like the turret was firing on me the entire time I was cutting the door (which took several minutes), but my poor stupid @ sign decided not to stop and ask for new orders.

Stable or experimental?

In stable it’s normal and not a bug.

Experimental should have torching as a long activity and thus the turret should only get a single turn after you finish torching.


Thanks, that explains it.

I’m glad to see that it is being addressed.