The turret didn't despawn

So, is using a Science ID card no longer a reliable way of ensuring you don’t walk face-first into a turret armed with a goddamn Ma Deuce anymore, or what? I got the door open just fine, but the turret didn’t make like a banana, which is concerning because this lab is probably my best shot at finding the antifungals I am likely going to need to keep this little bit of teleglow from breaking all my limbs and murdering me. Running build 9624 for reference. I’d like to know if this is intended behavior or just a bug. If a bug, I have no guilt whatsoever at devconsoling this thing out of the way, but if this is the way things are intended to be from now on, I suppose I need to figure out a way to kill this thing before it gets a chance to shoot, and I need to figure it out by tomorrow.