Prison to deal with them

What do I need to take on the bots at prisons? I open the door and they unload on me with rapid fire shots before I can fire a rifle or bow and kill me, it’s nuts. I’d love some suggestions!

EMP grenades are the easiest way to deal with robots, being both easy to make and very effective. As long as you don’t run PK’s rebalancing then they only see a few spaces in the dark making it easy to sneak up on them.

The other way to deal with them is via a control laptop but that is pretty hard to get.

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They like loud noises and can’t see very far in the dark. Their 9mm guns also can’t penetrate Reinforced Glass Walls, which is useful if you’re trying to escape the prison from inside.

Interesting, I haven’t been anywhere where I’d find emp grenades, and doubt I have the skills or materials to build them this early. I’ll maybe try going at night, I do have good nightvision.

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A well placed smoke bomb can let you slip past them, too, and is easier to craft than an EMP. You can also slide bookshelves around to block LOS, just be wary of attracting them with the scraping sound, don’t push it if they’re less than like 10 squares away