How to escape the police?

Several police bots came after me. I took them down. But then I saw a lot more coming. Will they eventually stop spawning or should I leave this town because I have a feeling I can’t kill them all? Can I make them stop coming after me?

Your only hope may be a car, because those guys seem to be fast. Come back once you have shock immunity through cbm or armor.

I’ve managed to find a firearm so I can shoot them easily. The problem is that three came after I killed first one. And five came after I killed that three. So if they keep coming I will waste all of my ammo then I will have no choice but to leave my base with all of the stuff in it. Will they spawn infinitely or could I try to kill them all?

One time I let them cuff me and I just slept in the back of a car with some headphones on while they ripped open all the zombies that came through. Woke up after the electronic cuffs had died, grabbed some shit, and left.

The wiki says:

Eyebots will spawn and follow the player after he or she has triggered an alarm, for example by smashing a window in a pawn shop or bank. Every 30 turns, they will photograph the player, which summons a Police bot offscreen.

Seems like I just had to kill the eyebots.

Bump this and start throwing EMP grenades.

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I would have gone with Fight The Power, but that works.

If you are appointed as a US marshal by the Old Guard, or started out as a law enforcement class, the eyebots which summon the police bots are supposed to just scan you and bugger off if you are wearing your badge. Currently the Jury Rigged Robots mod seems to mess with this though, so keep that in mind.



Currently the Jury Rigged Robots mod seems to mess with this though, so keep that in mind.

Just wanted to try it out. Is it worth it?

I like it, its pretty cool, and makes plutonium cells (useful for a number of things) obtainable by disassembling the integral reactors from robots (don’t think that is in the base game), but the mod also removes the recipe for the control laptop (used for hacking robots), which is ridiculous IMO. You can get it back by editing or deleting a file in the mod.

Not sure I understand what does it mean. I have found the answer to my question so I guess the post could be deleted. How can I “withdraw” it? Sorry, I’m new to this forum

Don’t worry about it, that placeholder above is what happens when a post gets deleted, its to show that there was a post there, but that its gone now. It will disappear entirely in 24 hours.

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Thanks, now I get it

You can also smash a window in a building and run through the building to lose them.

Can find a gun shop and pick the lock and enter inside. When you are inside you can shoot them through the bar windows. Keep in mind anything with a gun may shoot back :wink:

Just loses the melee crowd.