Powering Appliances with Vehicles

Hey! I’m recently getting back into the game, and I noticed fridges now have a menu to power them, which is really exciting! I’m not sure how to use the fridge appliance, though. It says it can be powered by attaching it to a vehicle, but when I select my vehicle through the “plug in appliance” menu, nothing happens. Am I missing a step, or do fridges still just not work?

You plug appliances into appliance networks, the wiring of which is magically extracted from walls (magically, because player based walls are made without any material for wires). In order for it to actually work, you also have to plug in one or more power sources (batteries, solar panels, etc.) into the network.
I haven’t actually used appliances yet (apart from a small test), but I would assume you’d have to use a jumper cable to connect an appliance to a vehicle, assuming this connection is actually possible.

You just connect whatever wall you have that have has its Wirings Revealed with the vehicle using a jumper cable, then just go ham with connecting every appliance you can, and since the Reveal Wiring thing is free you could just make a network of walls with it so you would use less extension cords than necessary.