A Construction to Convert Refrigerators & Stoves

In order to give some actual functionality to our current stoves and refrigerators I’d like to suggest we add a construction that converts refrigerators & stoves to small, one tile vehicles that be then hooked to power and used to do their existing jobs. We have mini-fridges & RV Kitchen already so these would mainly just be bigger and heavier versions of those. They wouldn’t really be intended to move around so they would be heavy. The construction would probably require some fabrication and electronics. Electronics as you’d most likely be converting it from AC to DC. I’m sure there are more devices we could use to do this but these two would be the major ones we’d get utility from.

I include this article because it talks about charge rates for batteries and fridge power usage.
Will a Camping Fridge Drain Your Car Battery? - Camping Sage.

devs already planned non-vehicle power grid;which is a solution to players who use refrigator/kitchen/weldingr rig etc. without vehicle.you just need to wait,and if you need them,you can always make a stationary psedo-vehicle.(i once had to made a wind turbine,it makes very hard to drive a vehicle because of its weight and air drag.so i made a wooden frame and set of casters to push and pull it,installed vehicle battery and battery charger to charge it,and installed wind turbine to provide electricy;so if you want find a way to working furnitures while non vehicle energy grid,make a pseduo-vehicle)

Awesome! I’ll wait for it with breath baited!

*bated breath
To abate is to stop or hold something back.

Well me spelling that word wrong isn’t a surprised considering I mainly use it in that phrase. To abuse another phrase, I won’t hold my breath waiting for this change. Yes I know that contradicts my previous statement. This does sound like something that would take some time and effort to code. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Apocalypse mod has a recipe to convert fridges to vehicle parts, which you can install on a vehicle without wheels. I built a solar fridge on an apartment roof with this method! It also adds a recipe to convert a fridge vehicle part into a freezer, too.

You’ll also need to install a vehicle lift since it’s so dang heavy, to mount it onto your “vehicle”. My Crude & Improvised tools mod includes a recipe for a cheap lift. Crude & Improvised Tools Mod

Check into adding a mod to an existing game, then you’ll be able to see the recipe after hitting *. It’s used on a fridge furniture item to turn it into a vehicle part.