How does you get fridge to working?

How does you get fridge to working? Obviously you need electricity, but other than that I’m not certain. I guessed that maybe only the mini-fridge for your vehicle works, and you need some way to generate power to keep it up. But I have yet to try that and I would prefer to not waste a bunch of time to realize it doesn’t work.

Furniture fridges are not supported with the current game.

You can build stationary vehicle and mount a mini fridge on it. Then you need a battery to power the fridge and an electronic control unit to turn the fridge on.

Solar panels or an engine with alternator (and fuel tank) to charge the battery are recommended but not required. In the early game, I’ve gotten by with installing extra batteries into a solar can, uninstalling them when they’re charged, and moving them to my stationary mini fridge “vehicle”. Kind of tedious, but I didn’t have the Mechanics skill to install the enhanced solar panels.

Semi true. You can unplug one, convert it to a DC Fridge as a vehicle part and have a monster sized fridge in your deathmobile.

Or attach it to your bases power generator that you built like a vehicle.

I was not aware of this. Is this new? How do you do it?

Only in some mod and not in vanilla.

Does anyone know which mod lets you convert fridges that way? None of the mainline mods have a recipe for fridges as far as I can tell.

Its Cata++ i think. I’d have to relook at the jsons when i’m at my computer.

Thanks for the reference. It’s in cataclysm++ as the dc_fridge.